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Ear, Nose, Throat Information sheets

Dr Courtney has provided information sheets on some Ear, Nose and Throat conditions.  Please use them in conjunction with his consultation advice.

These information sheets provide some information from various reputable sources. More information is obviously available on various web-sites however this information provides a good start.  If you have any queries with regards to your procedure please contact us on 07 5630 2600 to make an appointment and discuss it with Dr Courtney before your operative date.

 1  Acoustic Shock Injury Information Sheet
 2  Adenoids 
 3  Adult tonsils 
 4  Almond oil ear preparation 
 5  Baby shampoo solution for chronic rhinosinusitis 
 6  Cawthorne-Cooksey exercises 
 7  Children's tonsils 
 8  Child's hearing loss 
 9 Controlling house dust mites 
10 Dizziness and vertigo
11 Earplanes ear plugs information sheet
12 Exercises to improve the function of the temporomandibular joint 
13 Facial skin lesions
14 Functional endoscopic sinus surgery (FESS) 
15 Gastroesphageal reflux (GERD) & laryngopharyngeal reflux (LPR)
16 Glue ear 
17 Grommets
18 Hearing and deafness
19 Hoarseness 
20 Hole in the ear drum
21 Infections of the ear

22 Manuka honey nasal irrigation

23 Manuka honey saline irrigation

24 Mastoid surgery 

27 Microlaryngoscopy and oesophagoscopy 
28 Mucopirocin nasal irrigation instructions 

29 Nasal Fracture Manipulation
30 Nasal polyps

31 Neck Dissection
32 Otosclerosis and stapedotomy 
33 Parotid 
34 Perforated ear drum
35 Post nasal drip
36 Rhinoplasty
37 Rhinosinusitis in children
38 Saline douching 
39 Septal surgery
40 Sinusitis and another sinusitis information
41 Snoring and sleep apnoea 
42 Submandibular gland

43 Submandibular gland surgery
43 Swimmers ear
44 Tinnitus
46 Temporomandibular System and TMJ exercises
47 Tonsillotomy vs Tonsillectomy in Children

48 Your Child's Hearing

Post Operative Information sheets

Click to view information sheet

Please find below some information sheets for patients once they have had their operation.  Please feel free to use this information in conjunction with Dr Courtney's post-operative advice. 


Please note the importance of post-operative care and the patient/guardian's part in ensuring the attendance at the scheduled post-operative appointment.  Please also ensure compliance with any recommended medication after surgery.  If any concerns post-operatively ensure you return for a follow up appointment or see your GP. All patients are requested to return post-operatively.

 1    Adenoidectomy
 2    Ear Surgery; Myringoplasty or Mastoidectomy or Exostectomy
 3    Grommets and Swimming
 4    HWCITs - Hot wire cautery of the inferior turbinates
 5    Microlaryngoscopy - Oesphagoscopy - Broncoscopy

 6    Nasal and Sinus Douche Post Surgery
 7    Neck operations, including cyst excisions or submandibular gland excision or parotidectomy 
 8    Oxynorm Information Sheet

 9    Palatoplasty

10   Pulmicort Respule Instructions
11   Rhinoplasty
12   Septoplasty and Turbinoplasty
13   Sinus Surgery
14   Tonsillectomy in an Adult
15   Tonsillectomy in a Child
16   Turbinoplasty
17   Tympanostomy tube insertion (grommets)

18   Using Nose Drops

19   Uvulopalatoplasty and Tonsillectomy

General Information Sheets

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