Practice Forms

You will need a consultation before any surgery, Dr Courtney may be available at John Flynn, Tugun or Robina Town Centre.  He operates privately at John Flynn and Gold Coast Private Hospitals. 

Dr Courtney may also offer people that are uninsured options for The Tweed Hospital and Gold Coast University Hospital.  For more information please talk to staff during business hours after your consultation.

If you are having an operation with Dr Courtney you will also need to complete a Confirmation of Information Received Form.

If you will be using the Coast Anaesthesia Group for anaesthesia, their website is or you can contact them on 07 5598 0663.         

Phone 07 5630 2600      Fax  07 5601 0052

Please note this web-site is for medical educational purposes only and should not be relied upon. It is NOT a diagnostic site and is for administration purposes only. Contact via email does not replace a medical consultation and does not constitute a duty of care.  This site does not replace a consultation, nor does it discuss the risks of a procedure for any patient. The aim of this site is to provide information regarding the ENT practice of Dr Mark Courtney.