ASOHNS (the representative organisation for Ear, Nose and Throat Head and Neck Surgeons in Australia) have made the recommendation that all non-urgent face to face ENT consultations and surgery should be delayed until the current COVID-19 crisis has settled.

ENT Clinics nationwide remains committed to providing a service for our patients, GPs and the broader Gold Coast, Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne communities.


We are still able to provide patient consultations via phone and TeleHealth.


We will also be providing urgent face to face consultations on a case-by-case basis.

Our phones and email will remain in operation for any enquiries.

We appreciate the gravity of the decision and will endeavour to ensure that impacts on GP workloads and patient care is minimised wherever possible.

This decision was based on evidence from both Wuhan and the UK that ENT procedures including nasendoscopy carry an increased risk of transmission. Therefore, non-urgent procedures are to be delayed to ensure the safety of both patients and staff. Thank you for your understanding.


Consultations will now be conducted by phone or TeleHealth services.

The service is bulk-billed to medicare, therefore a valid referral is required. 

TeleHealth is conducted via Zoom.

Phone the clinic to arrange the consultation. 


Phone 07 5630 2600.

To obtain a consultation:

  1. Please provide a referral from your GP

  2. Call the rooms and make an       appointment for a phone consultation

  3. Your referal will be triaged for phone consultation, in person consultation or  a delayed appointment.

ENT Surgeons cover a wide range of conditions of the ears, nose, throat, face, head and neck.

Dr Courtney has subspecialty interest in Paediatrics and Rhinology.

His patients can expect:

  • To be listened to with compassion and understanding

  • The best possible advice

  • Treatment options that are well explained

  • Competent treatment and caring follow up

Dr Courtney has an extensive Rhinoplasty practice, see


Phone 07 5630 2600      Fax  07 5601 0052

Please note this web-site is for medical educational purposes only and should not be relied upon. It is NOT a diagnostic site and is for administration purposes only. Contact via email does not replace a medical consultation and does not constitute a duty of care.  This site does not replace a consultation, nor does it discuss the risks of a procedure for any patient. The aim of this site is to provide information regarding the ENT practice of Dr Mark Courtney.